Renter’s Code of Conduct

Renter’s Code of Conduct

(as enacted by The Town of the Blue Mountains)

  1. Premise of this Code:

The premise of this Code is that the short term accommodation premises are located in the vicinity of other properties and that the residents/occupants of these properties have the right to enjoy their properties without being imposed upon by nuisance from others.


  1. Objectives of this Code:

The objective of this Code is to establish acceptable standards of behavior for renters and their guests, and to minimize any adverse social or environmental impacts on their neighbors and neighborhood.


  1. Residential Area:

The Renter acknowledges for themselves and on the behalf of others that they will be occupying a short term rental accommodation.


  1. Guiding Principles:

The Guiding Principles for short term accommodation renters are:

  1. The premise that you are occupying is a home;
  2. Treat the premise as your own;
  3. Respect your neighbors; and,
  4. Leave it as you find it.
  1. Maximum number of Renters and Guests:
  1. The maximum number of occupants within a dwelling that is being operated as a short term accommodation shall not exceed a total number based upon two (2) persons per bedroom plus an additional two (2) in common living area.
  2. The number of non-occupying guests permitted at a short term accommodation premises must not be such that it may conflict with the neighbourhood or amenity.


  1. Noise and Residential Amenity:

No person shall make noise so as to cause a disturbance or conduct themselves in an antisocial behaviour. Examples of noise that is deemed to be a disturbance include:

  1. a)    Loud music;
  2. b)    Outdoor or backyard gatherings involving excessive noise;
  3. c)     Late or early hour disturbances; and,
  4. d)    Yelling, shouting, chanting and loud conversations.


Please be advised that the Town of The Blue Mountains Noise By-law, By-law No. 2002-09, as amended, is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The By-law states that: “NO PERSON SHALL MAKE NOISE OR CAUSE NOISE TO BE MADE OR PERMIT NOISE TO BE MADE THAT WOULD BE LIKELY TO DISTURB THE INHABITANTS OF THE MUNICIPALITY”.

Renters and their guests are not allowed to disturb neighbours or interfere with their enjoyment of their properties, or the public realm, at any time of the day or night. Failure to comply with the conditions of the Town’s Noise By-law may result in the notification of the Ontario Provincial Police who may, upon attendance, issue a Notice of Offence, which carries with it a fine, upon conviction, of $615.00 for a first offence.


Please enjoy your stay but have consideration for others.


  1. Functions and Parties:
  2. a)    Short term accommodation renters are not to host commercial functions;
  3. b)    So called "party houses" conflict with residential amenity and are not permitted; and,
  4. c)    Any gathering, celebration or entertainment at a short term rental accommodation premise Renter must not conflict with residential amenity and must comply with all the other requirements of this Code and the Town of Blue Mountain by-laws.


  1. Access and Parking

This property includes parking in the common parking spots located around the building, on the "first come, first served" bases.


  1. Recycling and Garbage:

Please dispose all garbage (including garbage from the waste baskets in the bathrooms) and recycling to designated dumpsters (located behind building #2) from where waste collection is scheduled. It should be noted that the “putting out” of waste & recycling just outside of the unit is not permitted.